Client confidentiality means that I can’t provide references for my coaching work. However, the following testimonials help to describe the coach/client relationship and impact of coaching:

“I feel so grateful to have found Lynn. When I met her, I had plenty on my mind for some time about where my life is heading, and I wanted someone professional and outside my circle of family and friends with whom to discuss it all. I didn’t think that a therapist was right, because I didn’t need help with significant emotional issues. Nor did I think that a career counsellor was right, because I wasn’t nearly focused enough for anything like a job-search process. Instead I needed someone more in the middle, helping me to look at the big picture of my life, where I’ve been and am, and helping me to think about where I might go personally and professionally. Lynn has been helping me to sort through it all and think about possible paths forward in a more structured, productive way. She’s also been great at helping me to identify where I have strong feelings that are influencing my thinking, to deal with those feelings, and to see gaps in my thought process. Her approach is a mixture of questions, listening, and concrete suggestions on how to make progress. As a result of our meetings, I feel much more empowered, and that I am spending my time in more deliberate, productive ways which are part of a coherent plan, instead of so much “drifting along.” I am making more time for activities that are important to me, exploring new activities I hadn’t thought of before, and just as important, I am saying no to activities I could do, but didn’t want to do, and feeling good about those decisions. I would recommend Lynn to anyone who wants to evaluate the path that he/she is on!”


“I found coaching sessions with Lynn extremely valuable, providing a really useful opportunity for detailed reflection on both my professional and personal life. The sessions helped me to focus on the need to be more selective in the projects that I take on and to recognise the need to achieve a good work/play balance in life. Lynn has a fantastic capacity for listening, and that coupled with her creative but pragmatic outlook in life makes her a wonderful coach. She intuitively knows when to interject the conversation flow with useful and insightful comments that often steer the conversation into new and sometimes surprising directions. I found her approach extremely professional and informed and I look forward to more sessions.”

Programme Director – City, University of London

“Lynn helped me through a very difficult transition period. When everything was changing around me, she was my constant listener, helping me to see where I wanted to be and giving me the support I needed to get there. She has a natural positivity that left me feeling optimistic and in charge of my future after each session. Working with Lynn helped me find my way to a successful emotional life and career path, and I highly recommend her as a life coach.”


“When my boss suggested I had some coaching, it was a very busy and pressurised time. My initial reaction was: ‘how is that going to help; it is just more time away from my desk’. Lynn has been a huge help as I was so time poor that I wasn’t making the best decisions or creating the space to look at things from a different perspective. I have had four sessions with Lynn and the time has been invaluable and really helped me to look at the people issues in detail and come up with clear practical actions. Stopping to think and discuss the issues I was facing with a proven professional in the Cultural and Heritage field, a ‘critical friend’ who genuinely wants you to be able to deliver your best, has been really good investment of time.”

Manager, Heritage Property

“When I first met with Lynn I thought that the solution to my disillusion with work was to find a new job. However, after discussing with her my various concerns, I realised that by making simple changes in the workplace I could turn my role back into a positive experience. Lynn and I met regularly for about six months and during our meetings she helped me reflect on issues as they arose at work. In a safe and confidential environment she encouraged me to challenge my own assumptions, and helped me step outside of the situation, which was something I couldn’t gain from discussions with work colleagues.”

Senior Manager, V&A Museum